Friday, 20 June 2008

Fleet Foxes

Is a five-piece band from Seattle that I can’t stop listening to – on the tube, in the morning, before I go to bed, at the gym…I’d listen to them at work if I could but unfortunately I’m exposed to Capital all day long! Not only am I forced to listen to it but if anyone decides to change the station it magically makes it way back – weird. Oh ya did I mention the radio is behind my desk? I didn’t? Well it is.

Sorry, I didn't realize I was so irritated. Where was I? Oh yes the amazing new band Fleet Foxes. I saw them last month at the Hoxton Bar & Grill in Shoreditch as part of Moshi, Moshi’s Record night. Not only were they incredible but everyone watching did so without saying a word – mouths open is disbelief and awe. Their harmony and sinful sound sent goosebumps to my arms – I was trapped in Fleet Foxes’ spell.

I highly recommend their new album a listen (already a classic!) and check out the Black Cab Session w/ lead singer Robin Pecknold below:

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

I Wouldn’t Either

How adorable is this pig? It refused to muck around in the mud that his owner had to give him some wellies! Talk about knowing what you want....

Via: Metro