Friday, 30 November 2007

Christmas Road Kill

Check out this bizarre turn of events for the stuff toy industry. You can now get your nearest and dearest road kill for Christmas (why? Don’t ask that…). The first of many toy animals is ‘Twitch, the Roadkill Teddy’ who was hit by a milk truck last Thursday. Not to fear he won’t go off as he comes complete with a plastic body bag to keep the maggots out. Twitch’s innards and blood can be stuffed in and out of his body (just think of all the fun you’ll have!?!?). 'The toys' creators, Compost Communications, have styled themselves 'toy terrorists' and according to their website: 'We squash and burn and bludgeon and maim. But we're also toy fanatics like you. We love toys.'’

These aren’t for the faint of heart but for those that have a sense of humor (can someone tell me how this funny? I just don’t get it!?!)

Expected Deaths:
Grind the rabbit
Splodge the hedgehog
Pop the weasel

Via: Metro

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Promo Vouchers in the Masses

I love this time of year…Christmas lights span the city streets, store windows decorated with garland and Christmas trees, Santa awaits the wish-listers of many in the shops while happiness and joy fill the air….

What I ALSO love are the numerous viral store vouchers that continuously enter my inbox!! It’s almost a race to see who can get the best voucher or be the first to send them through. Now if I was good I’d probably use these coupons to better my Christmas shopping but I just can’t help myself from using them for my own good….does that make me a bad person? I think not!

Happy shopping (for you…and others I suppose!)

I wasn't going to leave you hanging, here's a voucher for Selfridges

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Who Do You Think You Are?

Last week, one night after work a bunch of us went to the pub (a regular occurrence any day of the week for us really!), but not just some random pub; the same pub we’ve been going to for the last year or so. We’ve never had a problem and even though most days we don’t get a seat we seem to always have a great time (who needs chairs anyway!). But on this particular night something I’ve heard about but have never witnessed happened to me. Someone stole my handbag from right under my seat!! I’ve never felt so violated and helpless in all my life. I’m not a very clumsy person, forgetful maybe but I always take care of what I own and rarely ever lose anything. A sudden rush of panic filled me as I went to buy a round of drinks and couldn’t find my bag – what the f%*k! Okay who took the bag haha funny, now give it back…..when no one fessed up I had to come to grips with the fact that it had been stolen!

After a quick look around the bar and outside it was clear whoever took it was a pro and left no trace of their whereabouts. Questions started to fester – How could this happen to me? How did (s)he take it without anyone seeing? Why me? Since my questions were leading me nowhere I had to take action. Between all my friends we were able to call and cancel and re-order most of my cards. And thankfully someone had an extra travel card and cash so I could get home! If I didn’t have my cell phone out (I was waiting for a call) I wouldn’t have been able to call my boyfriend to meet me at the flat so I could get in! I never realized before how much of my life I actually carried around with me on a daily basis, and come to think of it I couldn’t do without most of them….

Among other things, here is a comprehensive list of what was stolen, in one swift second:

  • Lululemon Purse (it was gorgeous…black w/ white pokkadots)
  • iPod (less than a year old)
  • Wallet filled with numerous cards – took a full day to call all of them
  • ‘The Wars’ novel
  • Umbrella (forgot to replace this right away and was drenched on Monday morning!)
  • Make-up - All my favourite stuff including brushes and a really cool lip gloss from Japan (sorry Dianna….oh, oh maybe you could get me a new one?)
  • Fake Chanel sunglasses from Italy (what? As if I could afford the real thing!)
  • House and Work Keys
  • Bills (does that mean I don’t have to pay them?)

And, drum-roll please….

  • Dirty Gym clothes – take that crackhead!

I’d like to dedicate the below to the crackhead who stole my handbag:

Who do you think you are? I work damn hard for everything I own…I take careful consideration when making my purchases and taking care of my belongings. How dare you take what is not yours! I hope you were able to sell my belongings to fuel your habit a bit longer and are happy with yourself b/c you’ve just inconvenienced me and put me in debt (when I was doing just fine!) trying to replace what you stole so to know that it was all in vain would be a massive shame.

Word to the wise: Get an over-the-shoulder handbag (it’s my new plan!)

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Vocabulary Nourishment

Feeling a bit bored? Why not help out those less fortunate and test your vocab skills at For every word you get right 10 grains of rice is donated to The United Nations World Food Program.

Warning this ‘game’ is very addictive and may even make you smarter – I’ve been playing for the last half hour so far and I'm up to a 1000 grains

Now back to work…