Thursday, 26 July 2007

Play Back

Mac and iPod users rejoice for we’re no longer constrained by Apple’s way. No more choosing between synicing our iPod to our Library (and loosing what’s on our iPod) or just charging our iPod. I know you’re ready for this - Senuti (iTunes spelled smart!) has create an easy to use software (free…donations are recoommend/suggested) to transfer what’s on your iPod back to your iTunes. I know, I know this is amazing!!! It’s been around for about a year now and it’s the first I’m hearing about it…reallly need to climb on that ball and stay on!!

Anyhoo as I was saying…

The creator Whitney Young has used the same interface as iTunes using the drag and drop functions making it extremely easy to use.

Not only can you transfer the artisit and album BUT it also allows you to tranfer your playlists..the choice is yours (how cool is that?). I just starting using this to help gather tunes (great tunes) from my boyfriend and it was flawless (and we all know how computer illiterate I am sometimes…so if I think it’s easy you will too!!). You simply pick any song/playlist you want and drag it to your iTunes….et voilĂ  it’s yours.

The only problem, at the moment, is it’s only for Mac users using OS X 10.3 or higher…I have been saying that Macs are better for several years now (sorry!) but no one listens.

Happy listening, you Mac loving people you!

Monday, 23 July 2007

Do It Standing

Festival season is in full bloom here in London; with many already long gone, those of us still waiting for ours to come (bring on Reading!!!) have a common fear….having to pee (YIKES!). A lot of time is wasted trying to find the toilets, then waiting in line just to find yourself rolling up your pants, wishing that you hadn’t worn flip flops and brought your own toilet paper…this is just the first day of course as after that it’s straight to the woods!! It’s all fine and dandy for the men to go wherever they feel like it but trying to find an area that’s out of clear view to drop and squat isn’t exactly easy….in comes the SheWee…oh you know where this is going and believe me it’s real (and not just a gadget I made up, even though I slightly wish I had!)

Boys you can turn away now as this is clearly just for the ladies. The SheWee is basically a plastic funnel that comes in a Ziploc bag (for storage purposes) that ‘slips comfortably into the fly of your trousers’ allowing you to urinate standing up, like a MAN! Check out this easy to follow diagram (just in case you’re in shock).

The power has shifted people, no more waiting in line or holding it ‘in’ because of dirty unhygienic facilities (perfect for traveling) …we are now at par with our male out!

If only I actually had one of these, I could do a full review…fear not, because if you think I’m going to Reading without one of these bad boys you’ve got another thing coming…stay tuned for full details.

Happy peeing!

Friday, 20 July 2007

Band Workout

Check out this video for ‘Here it Goes Again’ by Ok Go. I know, I know this is old news (about a year) but I absolutely love it…it’s one of my favourite music videos to date…and we all know how much I LOVE watching them (can anyone say obsessive?!?!) anywho…if I can share this with one person (just one) who's never seen it then I’m glad to have posted it….so there!

Enjoy! Oh and don’t try this at home folks…well maybe, but be careful

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Tired? Take a nap….Anywhere you like!

Seriously check out this ‘wig’ from creator Joo Youn Paek. It’s called the Pillowig and it might change your sleeping patterns…for the better! Places and things are easily transformed into your bed – a desk, the park, the train…there’s no more battling the heavy eyes or ugly displays of the head drop, just plop anywhere u like to freshen up. You might look a bit silly (just a bit!) but damn you’ll be one rested individual!

Where will your next nap be?

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Dare To Be Square

Check out this new watch from Nixon. The Tribella is very practical…for people like me who don’t put much thought into accessorizing an outfit (my efforts extend to an '80’s Casio watch and a white leather bracelet) this might be the key - it’s perfect, as it functions as a watch and bangle. Comes in light green, white and black to match any outrageous outfit thrown at it.

Happy accessorizing!

Monday, 9 July 2007

Oh How I Love A Good Ad!!!!

Advertising as we know it is changing rapidly….Every free space is being considered and why not when there’s a captive audience and money to be had? Ryanair has just signed its fourth client to advertise on the overhead luggage compartments on selective flights. Even bands are getting in on the action - The Chemical Brothers took the opportunity to advertise their new album in Hoxton Square, London, taking over an office window for their display that included a video. It’s no wonder companies are looking for innovative ways to reach their target audience…people are becoming oblivious as sensory overload takes over. That’s why when a company takes a leap and grabs your attention in a new and fresh way we must share…..and so I shall!! Check out this really cool ad created for Wii out of….drum roll please… Post-it notes. You know this is cool, just admit it! It was launched in Milan, Italy, to advertise its retro games. Genius!! Oh did I mention that on the backs of each Post-it note was an ‘invitation to relive the 80’s’ through the classic games available on wii.

Now that's what I call Advertising!

Friday, 6 July 2007

Lyrics of the Day

I went to an album release party for Datarock last night and came out singing. The Norwegian band that’s been classified as “tongue-in-cheek electronic-dance” arrived on stage in matching tracksuits and a passion to rock the house…and so they did, to the crowds’ delight! Oh and the song that I couldn’t get out of my head was called Computer Camp Love and with lyrics like these it’s pretty hard not to sing along…

She’s not a tramp
Her name is Judy
That’s a nice name
Yeah she’s a nice girl
Big deal
Did you get in her pants
She’s not that kind of a girl booger
Why, does she have a penis

check out their other tunes here

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Am I seeing Double?

Things are getting a bit creepy in the world of robots….that’s right I said robots. One of the men in the image above is a robot, can you guess which one? Just as I suspected – he’s the one on the right. Zou Renti is the creator of um himself. The robot was revealed to the world last year at the 2006 China Robot Expo (as if this exists) at the International Convention Center in Beijing.

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Rock On!

This is the coolest guitar ever my friends. It’s called the Centerfold and it does just that… folds in the center (get it?!?). The electric guitar is designed by Fredrik Johansson (an airline pilot) and distributed by Devillan, Sweden-based Company. Imagine the possibility of traveling to your gig with your guitar in your backpack…..your biggest concern would be how you get there….Ryanair anyone?!?!