Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Where did you go?

The new Antony Gormley exhibit at The Hayward (Southbank Centre) is entitled Blind Light and is superb!! It focuses on the body and its journey through different kinds of space (at least that’s what the pamphlet said)… All I know is each piece was fascinating

Just a little taste:

1. The piece in which the exhibit is named after is a square glass room that’s filled with steam and florescent light. Before entering you are asked to read a warning describing those who shouldn’t enter & what you are about to experience. After taking a brief look, I was ready to enter the “blind light”…what I didn’t expect was my reaction – I was petrified! Honestly I loved it…now looking back but at first I couldn’t see a thing, I couldn’t find my way out and I found it harder to breathe. I felt better hearing someone’s thud into the glass (at least it wasn’t me!) and the whole box fill with laughter…I was going to be okay. It was a great experience...thanks for messing with my emotions Antony!

2. The second piece that I really enjoyed was entitled “Event Horizon” that consists of life-size iron casts of the artist’s body set on different rooftops and walkways around the city. All figures face the gallery’s terraces (the main viewing area for this piece). It was really fun looking for all the different figures…similar to finding all the Canadian flags around the city atop the Peace Tower, but way cooler! The whole point of this piece is that viewers “will discover that they are the centre of a concentrated field of silent witness --they will realise that they are surrounded by art that is looking at them” or feel like you’re snipers’ target practice….whatever!

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