Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Well, That Was Fast!

The other night I went to a really quaint venue/bar call the The Social, to check out a friend’s band (they were awesome by the way….. Sushalini; check them out). After a pint or two I made my way to the toilets to ‘relieve’ myself…once I was finished it was straight to the sink to wash my hands – this is usually the part I dread, sometimes even more so than the toilets themselves! The reason you ask? Well mainly because you’re usually stuck with limited hand dryers that are often taken-let’s be honest here; so your having to ‘pretend’ to wash your hands for hours until one becomes free and then when you do get one there’s the shake and rub technique that has to be used to improve the efficiency or you could be there for a couple of minutes. Then there are the places that only have paper towels and with a long night of drinking/partying by the end there is none left so your options are to use your clothes (depends on what I’m wearing) or to use toilet paper – there is fine line with this options as it could get very sticky.......have I made my point? Good, lets move on. As I was saying, oh yes, the hand dryers at The Social were INCREDIBLE!!!! You literally put your whole hands to the bottom of the machine and slowly bring them up through the ‘blast’ of air et volia your hands are dry in 10 seconds (10 SECONDS!!!!!)…I couldn’t believe it. Let me introduce the Dyson AirbladeThe fastest, most hygienic hand dryer’ EVER! Apparently they can be found in some Canadian Airports, so keep your eyes open for them next time to you come to visit ;)

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