Monday, 9 July 2007

Oh How I Love A Good Ad!!!!

Advertising as we know it is changing rapidly….Every free space is being considered and why not when there’s a captive audience and money to be had? Ryanair has just signed its fourth client to advertise on the overhead luggage compartments on selective flights. Even bands are getting in on the action - The Chemical Brothers took the opportunity to advertise their new album in Hoxton Square, London, taking over an office window for their display that included a video. It’s no wonder companies are looking for innovative ways to reach their target audience…people are becoming oblivious as sensory overload takes over. That’s why when a company takes a leap and grabs your attention in a new and fresh way we must share…..and so I shall!! Check out this really cool ad created for Wii out of….drum roll please… Post-it notes. You know this is cool, just admit it! It was launched in Milan, Italy, to advertise its retro games. Genius!! Oh did I mention that on the backs of each Post-it note was an ‘invitation to relive the 80’s’ through the classic games available on wii.

Now that's what I call Advertising!

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