Thursday, 26 July 2007

Play Back

Mac and iPod users rejoice for we’re no longer constrained by Apple’s way. No more choosing between synicing our iPod to our Library (and loosing what’s on our iPod) or just charging our iPod. I know you’re ready for this - Senuti (iTunes spelled smart!) has create an easy to use software (free…donations are recoommend/suggested) to transfer what’s on your iPod back to your iTunes. I know, I know this is amazing!!! It’s been around for about a year now and it’s the first I’m hearing about it…reallly need to climb on that ball and stay on!!

Anyhoo as I was saying…

The creator Whitney Young has used the same interface as iTunes using the drag and drop functions making it extremely easy to use.

Not only can you transfer the artisit and album BUT it also allows you to tranfer your playlists..the choice is yours (how cool is that?). I just starting using this to help gather tunes (great tunes) from my boyfriend and it was flawless (and we all know how computer illiterate I am sometimes…so if I think it’s easy you will too!!). You simply pick any song/playlist you want and drag it to your iTunes….et voilà it’s yours.

The only problem, at the moment, is it’s only for Mac users using OS X 10.3 or higher…I have been saying that Macs are better for several years now (sorry!) but no one listens.

Happy listening, you Mac loving people you!


Muriel said...

I love ur blog. Sorry I'm so late to the party!

Anonymous said...

this program is amazing - easier to use than itunes, even!