Monday, 23 July 2007

Do It Standing

Festival season is in full bloom here in London; with many already long gone, those of us still waiting for ours to come (bring on Reading!!!) have a common fear….having to pee (YIKES!). A lot of time is wasted trying to find the toilets, then waiting in line just to find yourself rolling up your pants, wishing that you hadn’t worn flip flops and brought your own toilet paper…this is just the first day of course as after that it’s straight to the woods!! It’s all fine and dandy for the men to go wherever they feel like it but trying to find an area that’s out of clear view to drop and squat isn’t exactly easy….in comes the SheWee…oh you know where this is going and believe me it’s real (and not just a gadget I made up, even though I slightly wish I had!)

Boys you can turn away now as this is clearly just for the ladies. The SheWee is basically a plastic funnel that comes in a Ziploc bag (for storage purposes) that ‘slips comfortably into the fly of your trousers’ allowing you to urinate standing up, like a MAN! Check out this easy to follow diagram (just in case you’re in shock).

The power has shifted people, no more waiting in line or holding it ‘in’ because of dirty unhygienic facilities (perfect for traveling) …we are now at par with our male out!

If only I actually had one of these, I could do a full review…fear not, because if you think I’m going to Reading without one of these bad boys you’ve got another thing coming…stay tuned for full details.

Happy peeing!

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