Monday, 17 December 2007

Dress-Up Time

For anyone who has ever had a pet dog or cat you’ll understand the sudden urge to dress them up that so many of us posses! On our family vacation to the Dominican Republic our family brought back a tourist t-shirt for our family Bichon Frise, Lucky (his name, not his position). He was less then amused when we forced him to try it on and took (numerous) photos – oh, look how cute he looks! We all proclaimed meanwhile he’s desperate look confessed ‘what did I ever do you?’ So why do we feel the need to do this? Is it because they can’t defend themselves? Say NO, like the rest of us when an older sibling tries to make us wear stupid stuff? I guess we’ll never know. And because we’ll never know is exactly why we should continue. What? they’re just so cute in human clothes okay!

What better way to top that ‘perfect’ pet costume than a WIG! Kitty Wigs is now open for ‘biznazz’ and want to give your cats the perfect colour….how about passion pink or electric blue? For the more conservative they have bashful blonde and silver fox.

I might not be going this far with Lucky but those cats sure look cute! (and I don’t even like cats…..)

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