Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Getting It Right

I’d like to go back to my roots here for a minute and explore some forms of marketing I’ve found lately.

Example 1:
I’m all for getting into the Christmas spirit and adapting your product to accommodate the festive time to generate more sales. But some companies just get it completely wrong so much so that you have to stop and wonder ‘What were they thinking?’

Let’s take McDonalds 'Festive' menu here in the UK this includes Terry’s Orange McFlurry

Getting it right

But then they go and add a mincemeat and custard pie to the mix – GROSS!!!!

This is honestly the most disgusting thing I’ve seen (that’s edible) in a long time….talk about getting it wrong. Not even that sweet pastry will lure me in

Example 2:
I get newsletters from various magazines on a daily basis and for the most part really enjoy the designs and content for most, some even make me laugh. Take for example Marketing Magazine’s email reminder for entering the 2008 Marketing Awards before it’s too late:

This is a fantastic piece of advertising – it’s funny, in your face yet not intrusive – Brilliant!

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