Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Little Things

This morning I forgot my novel at home, I know precisely where it is to – on my bedside ‘table’ (ie. my floor), exactly where I left it the night before. When did I realize this? Just as I was entering the tube station – I don’t live that far away but it’d take too long to go back. Bugger! The day just won’t be the same – I know it!

I find that even the most normal of days the only thing that makes my journey into work enjoyable is reading a good book to relax (and simulate my mind). I look forward to this ‘alone’ time, finding the opportunity to escape the busy train – you’ve got to do something to take your mind off the fact that you’re pretty much crammed in like sardines…I once had someone use me to balance themselves, nearly knocked me over – grab a pole people, come on!

There’s also the issue of where to look on the tube, if you’re not reading; you don’t want to stare at someone, but with people everywhere (literally right in front of your face) what option do you have? – reading some else’s paper? Maybe, but somehow they can always feel you starring, this then brings on the awkward paper move, or worst yet the look! Yikes! SO really there isn’t anything else to do but read……there’s always the Metro but I dislike the black ink it leaves on your hands. I feel dirty after I’ve read the metro and my hands feel dry. It’s just not the same as my book!!!

The Book: ‘Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day’ - it’s been made into a film to be released this year (I’m not particularly fond of the cast but will probably see it anyway).

Synopsis: Set in London, England in the late thirties about a governess who is sent to the wrong house by her employment agency; there she meets the glamorous night-club singer, Miss LaFosse. Think Cinderella but set in London instead of the forest/castle and instead of animals helping her, think glamorous aristocrats. Oh it’s so much fun to read and I’m almost done (can’t wait). I think today’s journey would have done it!

I think you know where I’ll be tonight

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