Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Swimming…Not for the Weak

This week I joined my local Leisure Center (similar to a community Center for you Canadians) and was really excited because I was going to go swimming…before work! That was my plan, and by George was I going to stick to it. The first morning I was too tired (I barely made it into work on time!!) but this morning I did it! I woke up at 7am, put on my new one piece swimsuit (hideous!) and headed to the pool. I was a little groggy but glad I was following through with my ‘plan’. I took a little shower-like the sign advised me to- then made my way out of the changing room to the pool – this was it. I thought it would be best if I started in the ‘slow lane’ which is fine by me, I wasn’t trying to prove anything. I did my first lap (to the end and back) and felt great. By my third lap I needed a break, then after every next lap I needed another one….this was starting to hurt. I did about 10 when I realized couldn’t go on – my arms were killing me!! I knew swimming was a great form of exercise but let me just say it’s not for the weak! I might not go everyday like I had intended (we have to think about my hair and skin….) but I am going back. Yes I am!

N.B. I feel great though, a little sore but invigorated

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