Tuesday, 5 February 2008

History Lesson

I love it when the BBC or Wikipedia shares what happened on this day in history, it’s always so fascinating. So let me share what I learned today - On this day in 1974 a 19 year Patty Hearst (the granddaughter of publishing entrepreneur William Randolph Hearst) was kidnapped from her home in California by the SLA (stands for Symbionese Liberation Army – an American urban guerilla warfare group). Approximately a year later she was photographed with a rifle in her hand trying to rob a bank…she had joined her capture’s crusade – it was thought she was brainwashed. Her jail sentence was pardoned after 22 months from 7 years.

She now lives a fairly regular life – married her former bodyguard, is an actress and has two daughters, 1 of which is a model.

Over all, Patty, you’ve lived a pretty interesting life.

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