Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Useless Facts

TNT magazine is one of my favourite Monday night indulgents….after work I grab my copy so I’m in the loop. You see there’s so much to do around London that if I don’t, I start to worry that I’m missing out on something – something really cool!

This week there’s a feature entitled ‘My Local’ (ie. your local pub) and the love affair it has with some. I’ve never lived in a country where they take the drink so seriously (and so often for that matter)…that being said I’d like to share with you some facts TNT brought to my attention:

  • 60, 000 pubs
  • 29 million pints consumed per day
  • 39 million barrels of beer brewed a year
  • £15 billion spent on beer a year

Anyone fancy a pint?

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