Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Bizarre Yet Yummy

Even though I work right in central London I find myself sometimes at a lost on what to have for lunch. Last week I went (on one of many weekly trips) to Marks & Spencer in search for something pleasing to cure my hunger. I always find it overwhelming; they have the salads in one section, sandwiches and wraps in another and you have to fight the crowds to get a look. And that’s what I usually do spend half my lunch period walking around aimlessly seeing if anything jumps out at me (not literally of course). So on this certain occasion I was fed up and took the last thing I picked up to the check out. When I got back I was surprised for two reasons….a) because I got a salad…this was not just any other salad no sir, it was a watermelon, pomegranate, feta salad w/ couscous in a peppery dressing – my thoughts ‘Oh dear what I have done!’ and b) my delight in the it’s taste…it was amazing, so refreshing and tasty!!!! Perfect for a summer’s day, that is if we had a summer here in England!!! I think I’ll try something new everyday…

Cheers to random purchases!

On a side note (yet similar):

Remember how I was saying everything is scattered around the place usually in an orderly fashion? Well now I can’t find this salad again…it’s not in the salad section or the ‘To Go’ section...it’s so sad!! I guess that’s what I get for wanting to try something new everyday!!!

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