Monday, 13 August 2007

Now What Do I Do?

I’m an ‘Advantage card’ holder of Boots here in the UK (one of the many loyalty cards around) usually you don’t get much except a heavier wallet, but this time I was thankful… Last month I received a letter from them outlining the recall and removal of ‘Complete Moisture Plus’ from the worldwide market (along with a suggestion to purchase a Boots’ alternative – of course, why not you have my undivided attention!)…um, okay a bit scary as I’ve been using this brand since I started wearing contacts - some 10 plus years now!!! They say it’s wise to use only the brand your Optometrist recommends….so as a person that follows the rules I have and now look! I was a bit drunk when I first read the letter (why do I open mail in such a state….who knows!) but once I was sober I realized ‘HEY this is serious!!!’ so I thought I’d share what I found out…(mostly for you Dianna as I know you use this as well).

The main reason for the recall was that CDC (Centers for Disease and Control Prevention) found a correlation between people who use Complete MoisturePlus and people who acquire Acanthamoeba – ‘a water-borne parasite that occurs naturally but in the human eye can lead to serious infections of the cornea’. After interviewing 46 victims, 21 of them were using Complete Moisture Plus. They go on to say they’re ‘not prepared to make any generalizations’ and that ‘at this point, it isn’t clear why that correlation exists’. So in the meantime while they figure it out, they’ve taken it off the market…and I’m thankful (as I really like my blue eyes!!!). But, after a recent visit to the pharmacy I found myself with very little choice, well one choice really, the store/generic brand……maybe I should be getting daily disposables? I think I’ll wear my glasses for a bit while I figure out my next move!

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